Founder Message

Ch. Satish Rao (Director)

I believe that the college website is an effective forum to reach out the community at large and will definitely, enhance. Communication between us and our “Patrons”. The college ensures a healthy atmosphere for holistic growth.

The main aim of this Tejas Academy prepares students. Academically, physically and psychologically to enter in to the various defence jobs like, (Airforce, Navy, Army, Coast Guard & NDA). Many more. It has been our endeavour to make “Tejas Defence, IIT & NEET Academy” much more than an educational institute we consider our student the torch Bearers of future and so we ender take the responsibility of enlightening the future through this young generation.

  • Education is one of the powerful tools which converts a man into a complete human.
  • Discipline is the bridge between aim and achievement. The key result areas that we wish to focus on are discipline, academic excellence, sports and maximum participation in all activities.
  • Education and cadets’ holistic development is our primary. Commitment our focus therefore will always remain on the cadets as the centre of gravity.
  • With the support of the management, staff parents and the wishes of the well-wishers TDA. College will achieve its target of sending more children to “Defence Sector” Jobs.
  • I have been endowered with the suspensibility of, “Tejas Defence, IIT & Academy” heading this premier educational institution TDA founded by a great visionary

“Sri. Chettukrindi Satish Rao”.

“Jai Hind, Jai Bharath”