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We have well experienced faculty in each subject, extra care and more concentration for weak students. We provide friendly environment culture, so that every student can feel free and ask their doubts regarding subject and all. We concentrate on personality development of students, a sense of discipline, Honor and Integrity.

We conduct regular exams everyday. So as to build the confidence level in the students. We have regular Doctor and Warden who will look after the sick students.

Since the establishment of TDA no other academy has been able to compete with us regarding jobs, past three years our academy has been applauded by everyone for its successful results, this shows the experience and dedication of our faculty.

1. Director personally handles defence coaching classes.
2. Extra care and more concentration for weak students
3. Special training is given by specialized faculty for all competitive jobs.
4. We mainly concentrate on personality development of students, a sense of discipline, honor and integrity.
5. We give proper diet to students for their physical development.
6. We regularly conduct daily exams and special exams.
7. We provide academic training with higher quality in order to make the students with appropriate qualifications.
8. Quality education with low fees.
9. Systematic coaching, training, excellent teaching and hard stress for development of student.
10. Regular doubts clarification classes and daily study hours


1. What is meant by “TEJAS DEFENCE ACADEMY”?

A: TEJAS DEFENCE ACADEMY is a group of educational institution which gives coaching for defence jobs and all competitive exams in 10+2 standard (Any group) with regular degree (all groups).

2. What are the opportunities available for arts students? 
A: The chances available for arts group students are AIRFORCE non technical, NAVY MR, NMR, Coast Guard DB, Army clerk, GD, Tradesmen, and Police Constables.

The career in the armed forces provides good status, good pay and perks. It provides job security and is challenging, adventurous and disciplined life. In addition it provides fair equal promotional opportunities .Persons with right attitude can rise up to top.It teaches you professionalism and helps in nation building one can serve in the country as well as abroad. Men with consistency, right approach, right direction, proper motivation , positive attitude, patience will contribute to their success.
Apart from above attractions and great life style you have finest clubs, hospitals, golf courts, schools, colleges, polo, mountaineering, river rafting, gliding, tracking, sky diving, Para sailing, shooting, riding, swimming, skiing, and many more adventurous activities are offered with healthy   life and healthy environment .You, your family and children will get opportunity to travel across the country and there is possibility  even to go abroad. Meet and interact with the highest minds from direct fields.

The success in career will depend upon self development and self motivation. The most important and difficult factor before choosing career is to find out the strength and weakness of on self. Here one has to understand and analyze both the strength and weakness in one’s personality traits and environment. Self assessment regularly motivates a person to acquire some essential needs in job skills. This may be, adequate communication skill, stress, management techniques, general ability of fore casting the work climate of future ,meeting the intellectual level, aptitude, attitude requirement, must opt for an organization and profession which matches his strength. this is where one’s skill is tested. 

Tejas academy has taken oath in giving its students best and real time coaching to get best results in the exams.The standards of teaching and quality of environment provided for learning are outsatanding and we consider the comfort level of student as our main motto.

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